Nate Tomcik

Motion Graphics



I'm a filmmaker & creative person from the midwest. I have a bachelor's degree in Film Production from Taylor University. I love to spend my time doing whatever creative thing inspires me, which sometimes is photography, but other times its making shoes out of duct tape. I am most at home outdoors, especially if I'm fishing, or hiking. Everyone who knows me knows I love coffee too much. 

I would love to work with you to make an amazing creative project that communicates whatever you most need it to. Whether it's a brand film, commercial, or piece of pixel art I'd be happy to talk with you to explore what your needs are and create something to fit.



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If you'd like to work with me to develop a video project, hire me to work on your project, get me to shoot an event for you, get me to edit something for you or whatever else you might think of— you can get in touch with me through this form.

You can also email me at
or if you prefer— you can call me at 260.633.0898


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